Where Quality and Comfort Come Together

Sleep deeply atop the clouds with Cloud Mattress Co's Innovative All Natural Organic Latex Mattress Options!

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Where Quality and Comfort Come Together

The Botanical Bliss

Organic Latex Mattress

Handcrafted in the USA, with the finest quality GOLS certified organic latex

Where Quality and Comfort Come Together

The Royal Bliss

Calico Coil Latex Mattress

Our exclusive steel-encased Calico Coil design offers customized support

Where Quality and Comfort Come Together

The Luxury Bliss

Hybrid Latex Mattress

Organic natural latex, certified wool and cotton, and premium fabric encased coils



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Expert Nashville Mattress Sale

Why Organic?

A lot of the mattresses on the market today use polyurethane foam (polyfoam for short) as the fill-in material. That's because polyfoam is cheap to make, widely produced and has been a leading mattress material since the 1960s. This foam gets made using petroleum, though, which means chemicals.

But wait, you might be thinking, I have a spring mattress. The foam fill around the springs is probably polyfoam.

The same goes for memory foam. Although it might feel different from a traditional mattress, odds are pretty high that your memory foam mattress is (you guessed it) polyfoam.
Polyfoam isn't the only culprit for introducing mattress chemicals, unfortunately. Mattresses available today, especially crib mattresses, may incorporate vinyl to reduce fluid absorption. But vinyl is another petroleum-based product, which means chemicals are involved in its production.
As an alternative to polyfoam, some manufacturers use latex. While natural latex is safe, synthetic latex means more mattress chemicals.

Fortunately, things are slowly changing as people increasingly demand safer, more environmentally friendly options. Our organic mattresses use natural latex and other reliably safe materials like wool and cotton. But the vast majority of mattresses available in the American market today come with quite a few chemicals.

GOLS Certificate

Certified Organic Latex

Our pure organic latex is superior in quality and meets the most stringent organic standards of the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), for pure, healthy  and non-toxic sleep.
GOLS Certificate

GOTS certification

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard, our organic cotton is manufactured using the best practices in environment and social responsibility.
GOTS Cotton Certificate

GOTS certification

GOTS Certified Organic Wool

Certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard, our organic wool is manufactured using the best practices in environment and social responsibility.
GOTS Wool Certificate

USDA Organic Icon

Certified Organic Latex, Organic Cotton, and Organic Wool

Our organic latex, organic cotton and organic wool materials meet the most stringent organic standards for pure, comfortable sleep.
GOLS Certificate   GOTS Cotton   GOTS Wool

GreeGuard Gold certification

GreenGuard Gold Certified

Cleaner air, better sleep. Rest easier knowing your mattress isn't emitting harmful chemicals into your home.
GreenGuard Certificate

Botanical Bliss latex mattress Eco Institut certification

eco-INSTITUT Certified

Certified as non-toxic by the renowed eco-INSTITUT, this mattress is guaranteed free of harmful gasses and other high risk allergens.
Eco-Institut Certificate

Control Union certification

Control Union Certified

Approved for sustainability, we only use materials that are eco-friendly and minimize our carbon footprint.
Control Union Certificate

Forest Stewardship Council certification

Forest Stewartship Council Certified

All wood used is sourced from sustainable forests, ensuring reponsible use and conservation of woodlands.
FSC Certificate