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Finally All Natural Candles made with sense and purpose. Our candles are natural, sustainable, safe and unique, sold exclusively at Cloud Mattress in Smyrna Tennessee right next door to Crumbl Cookies.
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Comparison With Natural Organic Candles
Comparison With Natural Organic Candles
How are other candles dangerous? First of all, the candles you buy from most stores, even "soy" candles, are usually harmful and full of chemicals. They may smell great, but that doesn't mean they are great for you. There can be a number of chemicals harmful to your health that can even cause cancer such as Paraffin Wax that when burned releases toluene and benzene. For more info on harmful chemicals and the dangers of other candles (including "soy" candles) visit:

The Growing Candle
Introducing The Growing Candle
Not only are our candles made with safe natural ingredients, these candles have a purpose that last long after the wick is all burned up. Introducing "The Growing Candle", a candle that after burned converts to a ready-to-go flower pot with seeds already included. Finally, a sustainable way to enjoy your favorite fragrances!

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A plant growing all natural candle Nashville
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The Seed Label All Natural Candles Nashville
The Seed Label

Facts About The Growing Candle
Facts About The Growing Candle