About Us
Calico springs are sewn into Calico fabric (like sackcloth), aside from it being entirely natural it is also extremely forgiving which enables each individual spring to react better to movement. Once the springs are made into the individual pockets, they have to be assembled into Mattress size units by hand (Hand Formed). These rows of springs are not glued together but strung together to keep the springs together but also it enables the springs to be ENTIRELY independent of each other.

The spring count of mass-produced pocket springs can be up to 2000 in one layer and generally all in one tension (gauge). It’s the diameter of the springs that determines the spring count. The diameter of our Calico springs is 54mm which means that there is only enough room to accommodate 1396 springs. As a comparison, competitors use 1720 Calico springs – but with a diameter of 48mm. Their flagship lines have a spring count of 1476 but uses a greater diameter of spring at 51mm.