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Give with the most sustainable intentions to someone you love- including yourself!

Our philosophy on beauty? Embrace simplicity and excellence. Avoid spontaneous buys that contribute to excessive consumption, regret after purchase, and overflowing landfills. We advocate for purposeful beauty collections designed to reduce waste and enhance your happiness. This approach is what we term 'capsule beauty', and we're eager to assist you in crafting your own exclusively at Cloud Mattress in Smyrna Tennessee right next door to Crumbl Cookies.
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Natural Essential Mascara Brown
Natural Essential Mascara Brown


All of our ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free. We follow the EU standards for safety (the most stringent on the planet) and source our ingredients from fair-trade and ethical sources.


Over 95% of our packaging is reusable, recyclable or plantable—and we’re working on the other 5%. Our vision: To create a world without single-use cosmetics packaging.


We believe beauty is inclusive. By representing diversity in our marketing, we can empower beauty in all its shapes and shades, enhancing confidence and reducing overconsumption.

Build Your Own Palette!

Sustainable Customizable Makeup Palette
Sustainable Customizable Makeup Palette

Personalize (and refill!) your Essential Palette with your go-to shades of our Pressed EyeColours and Blush Balm. 

Palettes you can’t personalize are a thing of the past. With our palettes, you choose your shades, so no product goes unused—or to a landfill. These reusable palettes are the epitome of capsule beauty. Elate palettes are made of water-treated bamboo and will fit any magnetic pan. Magnetic backing allowing you to intentionally design your palette layout. 

Plus, a mirror on the inside helps you get ready on the go. Small enough to fit comfortably in your cosmetics bag, but big enough to give you all the colours your day requires.

Gone are the days of a palette with 6-12 colors and you only use 2!!!


How It Works:

Choose your products, shades and build yourself.

  1. Pick your palette size.
  2. Pick your favorite colours.
  3. Pick your needed products.
  4. Fill your palette only with products you love and will use up.
  5. Refill as needed.

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Certified B Corps like our suppliers are global leaders in nurturing people, planet and profit. We use our businesses as a force for social and environmental good.


Founded by PETA, Beauty Without Bunnies is a database and the gold standard for vegan and cruelty-free companies. We never use animal ingredients or tests.


The Think Dirty app is a database for rating the potential toxicity of personal care products, like cosmetics. Search any of our products to read our ingredients and rating.