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You’ve heard of organic vegetables and organic milk, but what on earth is an organic mattress? Is it really healthier?

Well, quite simply, yes. Organic vegetables are healthier because they do not have chemical pesticide residues. Organic milk is healthier because it comes from cows that are not given artificial chemical hormones. Likewise, organic mattresses do not have all the chemicals that regular mattresses have.

But that’s just the beginning. Organic mattresses are made with organic materials and other materials approved for use in organic mattresses instead of conventional and chemically questionable materials with little to no screening. Consumers are choosing organic mattresses as a way to avoid unnecessary exposure to chemicals. If you’re shopping for a new mattress, it's worth knowing what you’ll be spending a third of your life on.

organic ingredients

From luxurious fabrics to fluffy fill, Cloud Mattress Co uses organic cotton throughout its products. Organic wool is also used for its comfortable moisture wicking properties and splendid natural bounce. Organic latex provides pressure point relief and a smooth luxurious feel. Finally, organic cotton encased coils provide a unique support system. These sought after materials work together to create a symphony of comfort and offer an excellent alternative to traditional fabrics and foams.

Please note: Not all of these materials or combinations thereof are used in all models.


certified organic finished product

In addition to our materials and factory being certified, the ENTIRE finished product is certified as well. This is in contrast to just some of the materials being certified or just the factory but not the actual finished products that ship. Beware of companies that display the GOTS logo on behalf of suppliers, but have no certification themselv


Cloud Mattress Co goes beyond the minimum requirements for organic certification. In fact, we lead the industry when it comes to eliminating questionable chemicals in favor of natural, organic and other GOTS-approved materials. In short, we strive for a higher standard.

Are mattresses labeled "eco" or "green" just as good?

No. "Eco" and "green" are not regulated terms and can be misleading. Many of these "eco" materials may sound good, but they are often not even "natural", and are certainly not focused on eliminating harmful chemicals.

"Plant derived" or "Soybean" foam

These materials are used in many "eco" mattress models and are typically a minimum of 80% petroleum/chemical based and are not really "made of soybeans."

"Bamboo" fabric

Also common in "eco" models, bamboo fabric is actually rayon made using environmentally toxic chemicals with no trace of the bamboo plant in the finished product.